Our firm believes that you must find meaning in consulting or else you waste time. Our firm
helps aquatic organizations, staffs, and facilities in various areas ranging from the training and auditing
of lifeguards, to staff and program development. Our firm provides cutting-edge programming that strives to improve the quality of aquatics for everyone, everywhere.

Facilities Served

Our firm works with YMCAs, town and
city recreation departments, theme parks and waterparks, waterfronts, and non-profit organizations.

Aquatic Staff Trained

Our firm works with clients who live
in rural, urban, suburban, and online spaces and areas.

Leaders Observed

Our firm works with aquatic directors, town and city recreation leaders, department heads as well as managers, and supervisors.

Training Options

Our firm is currently offering the following in-demand trainings, presentations, classes, courses
and hands-on workshops. Through advocating for, facilitating with, and teaching our clients, our firm inspires audiences across Connecticut by creating high-quality opportunities that meet the
needs of today's aquatic facilities, leaders, and staffs.




Our firm understands that learning needs to be adaptable and convenient. Whether our clients
need training individually, for a small or large group of staff, or large group training across multiple locations, our firm provides three options to meet your needs.


Learning is done online and in
person at your facility or my facility.
Our firm does not charge for traveling.


Learning is done online. Our firm
has both coded and developed virtual learning management systems providing user-friendly interface
that utilize new literacies.

In Person

Learning is done at your facility
or my facility. Our firm does not charge for traveling.