Our clients come from all different backgrounds: community and lay members, public safety
personnel, and aquatic employees. That is why our firm is proud to offer the diverse trainings and programs that we do! Simply select your option(s) you desire in order to take that next
step towards your personal and professional growth.


Our clients will receive a contract.
A contract outlines what services and materials will be provided to our clients, what our firm expects from our clients, and what our clients
can expect from our firm.

Payment Plan

Our clients have the option to
create a payment plan. The terms
of the plan will be outlined
in the contract.

We currently accept the following methods of payment: Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and PayPal.


Our firm will never process any transactions or payments until our firm verifies the transaction or payment with our clients.


Can clients order aquatic training and rescue
supplies through your firm?

Absolutely! Our clients can order AEDs, emergency oxygen, manikins, rescue tubes, backboards, and more! Call our firm to let us know what you are looking for, and what you want to buy. Our firm will make it happen.

Does your firm offer waterpark lifeguarding and aquatic attraction lifeguarding?

Yes, we do! Contact our firm to set either course up. The reason why our
firm does not have these two courses listed on our website is because these
two courses are literally, not in demand. Organizations such as Jeff Ellis
and Associates are generally focused in these two areas, not the
American Red Cross.

Does your firm offer shallow water lifeguarding?

Absolutely! However, almost every facility in Connecticut that employ lifeguards would not accept a shallow water lifeguarding certification because most pools are up to 12 feet deep. The shallow water lifeguarding course
only trains lifeguards in water 5 feet or less. Contact our firm to set
this course up, nevertheless.

What is a crossover certification? Does your
firm offer this?

Yes, we do! A crossover certification is for someone who holds a
certification from another organization, and would like to earn an American
Red Cross certification. Contact our firm to set this up.

Someone told me that your firm offers a mommy
and baby group swimming course. Is this true?

Yes, it is! Our firm believes that infants and toddlers have different types
of caregivers. Our firm calls it the parent-child swimming course.

This course is extremely unique because it teaches newborns up to age 3
how to swim, and teaches adults proper and appropriate ways to teach their newborn, infant, or toddler how to swim. This course teaches swimming
through songs, movement, games, and basic body positions.

Contact our firm to set this course up.

What else does your firm offer for facility management and program development?

Our firm is able to complete: pool inspections with feedback and recommendations for CT Department of Health compliance, review and development of facility emergency action plans with feedback and recommendations, review and/or development of facility policies and procedures with feedback and recommendations, overviews and program evaluations of your aquatic operations with feedback and recommendations
and, even review and/or development of in-service trainings with feedback and recommendations. Contact our firm if you are looking for something specific. We can help you, whether or not we offer what you are looking for.

Your firm's website lists all these types of
certifications, but I can not find details of them.
Where can I find them?

Click on the "portfolio" tab, and scroll to the training options section. Click
on the training offering, and you will find the certification types for that specific offering. Of course you can always contact our firm and we can help you that way. Sometimes, it is easier to pick up the phone and call.