Our firm believes four characteristics are essential to producing results. These characteristics
guide our firm’s practice. Our firm puts the attention on growth rather than an inspection model. These four characteristics springboard our firm's necessary practical experience to help you.


"The quality to which a service or tool produces consistent results."

Our firm teaches our clients
how to write effective feedback reports. In 2017, our firm created the “claim-connect-action” method.


"The quality to which a service or tool
is trusted and believed in."

Our clients hire our firm back
each year because they trust and love us. Our firm treats our clients like family. All feedback and criticisms we get in our surveys is implemented even if our firm disagrees.


"The quality to how well a service or tool measures what is supposed to be measured."

Our clients literally choose what service they want from our firm, and they get it. No added or hidden content and bullshit.


"The quality to which a service or
tool can be applied."

Our firm is hyper focused at
the local level. Everything our clients do with our firm can be integrated and customized in any way.


Our firm currently helps, and has helped, organizations and aquatic facilities across Connecticut
with coaching for growth, not compliance. Here are some highlights:


City Of Waterbury Recreation

Training and Leadership


Camp Jewell



Town Of Wolcott

Training, Water Safety Education and Leadership


New Britain YMCA

Training and Water Safety Education


Town Of Plainville

Water Safety Education


Wheeler YMCA

Training and Water Safety Education


Meriden YMCA



Camp Mattatuck

Training and Leadership


Town of Fairfield

Training and Leadership


Our firm currently consists of three human beings that, combined, hold over 20 years
experience. Our staff are and were lifeguards, swimming instructors, EMS and medical personnel
and aquatic directors. An outside evaluator can provide key insight into growth.
Our firm brings you the top experts in the industry.


Drew McWeeney

Owner and Training Consultant

Drew has worked as a lifeguard for 9
years. He is also on the part-time faculty teaching lifeguarding at New Britain YMCA. Drew teaches the training course offerings, the parent-child swimming courses, and runs the firm.

Drew realizes that consulting is so much more than simply-tagged evidence.

Current Certifications

Jeremy Holfhfield

Water Safety Consultant

Jeremy has taught swimming lessons
and designed swimming lesson programs for towns across Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island. He is also an Eagle Scout and a current BSA merit badge counselor.

Jeremy teaches all our water safety education course offerings. He realizes that you wear so many hats and developer
should not be one.


Nicole Anderson

Leadership Consultant

From working as a head coach for
various YMCA swimming teams in both Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as her work as an aquatics director for 11 years, Nicole knows programs and personnel inside and out.

Nicole teaches all our leadership
course offerings. She realizes exceptional programs begin with exceptional